The Daily: Pro-Bitcoin Governor Elected, Augur Predicts the US Midterms

Wednesday’s edition of The Daily has a distinctly political tint, coming a day after U.S. voters turned out for the midterm elections. There was plenty to excite supporters on both sides of the divide — the pro and anti-cryptocurrency divide, that is. In addition to talking politics, we take a look at the new Stellar airdrop that’s causing quite a stir.
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Crowd Power Is the Midterms’ Biggest Winner
It was widely predicted that the Democrats would regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the midterm elections, not least on decentralized prediction market Augur . The crowd-powered Ethereum application had close to $1.4 million in ETH staked on the outcome of the event, with 97 percent favoring the Democrats. For anyone interested in seeking crowd wisdom on other political events, Augur is currently calling a 36 percent chance of Donald Trump being re-elected in 2020.

Colorado Gains Pro-Bitcoin Governor
Jared Polis
In addition to voting for the House and the Senate, U.S. citizens in 36 states cast their vote in gubernatorial elections, including Colorado. There, Bitcoin advocate and pro-tech candidate Jared Polis was elected as governor. The tech advocate and gamer earned a fond place in bitcoiners’ hearts in 2014 when he vowed to fight any attempt by the government to restrict the cryptocurrency’s growth.
In another boon for bitcoin advocates, Gavin Newsom was elected governor of California yesterday. The 51-year-old Democrat was one of the first politicians to accept campaign donations in BTC back in 2014.
Blockchain’s Latest Airdrop Causes a Stir
BTC wallet service is airdropping $125 million of Stellar’s lumens (XLM) to its users. The wallet provider recently launched a service allowing cryptocurrency developers to airdrop tokens to its 30 million users. The “free” crypto comes with a catch, though: Wallet owners will need to undergo KYC to participate.

Today @blockchain .info came up with a new idea: go through a KYC process with your wallet account, potentially holding 7 years of Bitcoin transaction history, to get $25 worth of some random penny stock.
Please don’t do this. If you want $25-worth of $XLM for some reason, buy it
— Udi Wertheimer 
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